Who we are.

The 104th Battalion Costuming Group gets back to the initial mission of what other organizations once were. To bring together Star Wars fans and costumers and give back to our communities. Without politics and elitists, but just plain fun.

Join us!!! Become a plank member. The first 50 new members will have a special designation number. Membership is free to applicants who have a completed costume. If your costume is top notch, realistic and complete then you will be approved. We strive for movie accuracy and professionalism in appearance, but we don’t sweat insignificant small stuff. This is about having fun and entertaining children and big kids at heart. Something other groups have forgotten. We also welcome members of other organizations.

Let’s see your costumes. Jawas, troopers, Imperials, bounty hunters and everything in between. Or post costumes you have in the works on our page.

Get ready to become a part of something wonderful.



Worldwide Star Wars Costuming Group.